Switched On Lighting provides a broad range of cost efficient energy saving lighting refurbishment solutions, supporting an organisation’s energy team to deliver the correct lighting solution for their specific needs.

Every lighting scheme is different, and our customers often need a bespoke solution to meet their specific working environment. Whether they want to create a unique feel in a new office, or you want to reduce their existing energy load, we are here to help them achieve their brief with the least amount of energy consumption.

Our highly trained team deliver turnkey innovative solutions to save money and reduce an organisations impact on the environment.

Lighting Surveys

Switched On Lighting have significant experience throughout Australia conducting detailed commerciallighting surveys..
Our team communicate with site supervisors (or other personnel at client’s request) to organise and agree dates, times and access areas to conduct no obligation building lighting surveys.

They are responsible for identifying the installed lighting on a room by room basis in each building which includes accurate information on:

The above information is critical in compiling our lighting solution recommendations by analysing and evaluating the obtained data we are able to compile financials to demostrate the potential lighting cost savings and bespoke a scheme to meet our clients needs


Switched On Lighting has designed comprehensive spreadsheets which detail information on energy savings and provide a powerful business case.

The purpose of our spreadsheets is to record all capital and installation cost information, important assumptions (e.g. installed demand, run hours) and to calculate energy savings which will result from the proposed upgrade.

Our spreadsheets provide our clients with information on: existing fitting type, existing fitting size, existing mounting arrangements, existing lamp type, existing lamp watts, existing circuit or auxiliary watts, existing lux level, existing lumens per circuit watt, existing wattage per square meter, existing run hours per room, assumed annual consumption, existing lighting demand, assumed annual lighting electricity cost, proposed fitting type, proposed fitting size, proposed mounting arrangements, proposed lamp type, proposed lamp watts, proposed circuit or auxiliary watts, wattage per square meter, proposed lux level, assumed new annual consumption, new lighting demand, calculated new annual lighting electricity cost, etc, which demonstrates all information they require and is  easy to identify.
Our business case for our clients contain following information:


In support of improving our planet, a number of States in Australia are implementing energy efficiency initiatives. Both Victoria and New South Wales have already set up schemes of this nature and more are expected to follow.

As an environmentally aware organisation, Switched On Industrial Lighting is proud to support these initiatives and has gained approval for our range of Induction and LED high bay light fittings. For further details of what this means and how each scheme works, take a look at our guide below or contact us to find out how much of a rebate you qualify for.

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme

The aim of the Scheme is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8.1 million tonnes over a three year period. Within the VEET scheme a requirement is placed on energy retailers throughout Victoria to meet their own greenhouse gas emission reduction targets through energy efficiency activities, such as providing households with energy saving products and services at little or no cost.

The Scheme supports households and businesses to implement energy efficient solutions such as high efficiency products, which will assist in future energy savings. Energy savings produced through the implementation of these products are converted into greenhouse gas emissions certificates and will count towards the VEET target.

Visit The Essential Services Commission website for further details of VEET.

New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)

The Scheme provides a structure for the creation of energy saving certificates (ESCs) for any approved Recognised Energy Saving Activity (RESA). An ESC is equivalent to 1 tonne of carbon dioxide (equivalent) which is equal to 1.06 Megawatt hours of energy.

ESCs are created by Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) when they are responsible for activities that reduce electricity consumption or increase efficiency of electricity consumption. The ACP can then sell these certificates to electricity retailers who have an annual target number of certificates they have to acquire and create. The proceeds from the sale are passed back to the client and all ESCs are recorded in the ESS Registry.

For further details, visit http://www.ess.nsw.gov.au/Home


Funding Options for Energy Saving Lighting – Easy, Affordable, Flexible
Commercial and Low Carbon Australia have teamed up to provide a cost effective and Energy Smart Finance solution that will allow your business to upgrade to the latest energy efficient technology to reduce your operating costs and boost your bottom line. The Energy Smart Finance Program lets you lease any number of energy efficient assets, without affecting your cash flow – so you can invest in the latest green technology right away.

Low Carbon Australia is an Australian Government funded initiative that has been established to help businesses make smart choices to improve their energy efficiency.

The benefits of Energy Efficiency Financing to your organisation

Convenient and fast

You can arrange your Energy Efficiency Financing through Switched On Lighting. We will liaise with Energy Smart Finance to take care of your application and the paperwork for you. It’s that simple.

Affordable – right now!

The Energy Efficiency Financing scheme is designed so that the finance payments made to Energy Smart Finance are offset against the anticipated energy savings which means the equipment should pay for itself. So you can afford to install the energy efficient equipment you need straight away. And once you’ve made all the payments, you should continue to make savings year on year.

Easier budgeting

Energy Efficiency Financing payments are fixed; payments are not subject to fluctuations in interest rates, which means easier budgeting.

Maintains existing credit lines

As the scheme is specially arranged through FlexiCommercial and Low Carbon Australia, any existing credit lines that you may have with your bank remain intact, to be used by you in the future if necessary.

Tax efficient

Energy Efficiency Financing is designed to be tax efficient. Finance payments may be offset against tax, depending on individual circumstances.

Conserves working capital

Energy Efficiency Financing gives you the flexibility to conserve your existing working capital for other business projects.
Energy Efficiency Financing makes good business sense


Switched On Lighting is able to deliver turnkey installations of commercial energy efficient internal and external lighting refurbishment solutions across Australia.

The project is executed and work begins on your facility. The entire process is geared towards insuring there are no surprises. Project managers will keep you 100% in the know of what’s going on and when. From pre-construction meetings that let you know what areas of your facility will be under development and when – to the continuous reports and updates provided during the installation itself, you’ll know what’s happening at all times..

Switched On Lighting refurbishment provides:

If you are considering upgrading your organisations lighting, then we can assist you through the process and ensure you get a cost efficient system that delivering the best lux levels and energy savings. Click here to complete our online enquiry form.